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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday – YPI Day #2: Ohhhhhhhhhh Sugar

I’m sure you’re wondering about the title of this post. Here’s the short of it:

What do you say when you’re downtown Doha visiting the Pearl, and the car starts to pull away from you with no seatbelt on yet and one leg out the door?

Ohhhhhhhhhhh Sugar. :)

Several of us were able to head downtown and visit the Pearl tonight, a man-made island of reclaimed land now home to some very high-end residences, shops, and entertainment. It’s probably the most desirable place to stay in Doha, but it’s also the most expensive. No doubt in the next several years there will continue to be major changes to it’s look as more buildings go up.

We also were able to visit a wonderful restaurant called “The One” for some pasta, as this is officially our last night as a group in Doha...so for us, our last supper together. Hard to believe things are winding down already on our experience. Just a side note, this particular restaurant is in the upstairs part of a furniture store that really reminded me of a Pottery Barn.

The bulk of our day was spent in our inquiry group, working hard to find outcomes and action steps for our topic around student development. This wasn’t always an easy process to balance group dynamics and our topic, but I think in the end we found common ground in our cause and came together to formulate some very important recommendations for the Foundation. We will culminate all of this work tomorrow with group presentations that will take up the entire morning, before we break out into groups for analysis in the afternoon. I’m excited to see all of the work that was put in by the groups, and how we’re able to coalesce our findings into final documents. But I need to be up early and out the door at 6:45am for final group work, so my evening will be closing very shortly.

After our day ends tomorrow, 12 of us will head to the airport for a quick jaunt over to Dubai. We’ll spend the day there on Thursday, and then fly back Thursday evening. More fun to come!

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