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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

ILA Day 2

The sessions for Day 2 were also excellent and covered a wide range of topics. In the first morning session, emotionally intelligent leadership was the main topic, being presented by two familiar faces, Paige and Cheryl, among others.  My main takeaway were their determined factors of consciousness for student leaders: Self, others, and context. I was impressed by their inventory document and look forward to checking out a copy.  

For the second section I stopped in at a presentation on the dark side of leadership, relating to dysfunction and toxic leadership in the workplace. I came away with more info on psychopathy and how its tendencies can influence certain administrators. 

After lunch I visited the session by Virginia Tech researchers focusing on adapting/innovating when leading.  This session highlighted a discussion on whether or not all individuals have leadership tendencies or the ability to lead, and if that is something that can be learned or taught. I tend to think of it as more of a contextual question - showing the ability and character to lead is an important factor, and not everyone wants that mantle. 

And in the evening, I was on tap to Chair a symposium session - From Research to theory to practice, Navigating barriers to Women's Leadership. We had a full room and many good questions - I was honored to be asked to be a part, and look forward to many future sessions. 

Our night capped off with poster sessions, the Student Case Competition, and authors roundtable. Excellent!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

ILA Day 1

We're off and running!  Excellent sessions overall today; I've summarized a few below:

The first session discussed leadership and the effects of disequilibrium in instruction using Case in Point. Changing the way of approaching a given situation - reforming structure - is an important consideration for students in a variety of content areas.  Changing up the norm away from recognized safe zones is not easy.  Prepping the environment - making the room ready and scaffolding with participants is a great way to address any concerns that may arise.

I also attended a panel on Leadership challenges for 21st Century. Excellent overall...asking things such as: "Leadership" for what? Peace, challenges in corruption, bridging groups are a few areas we can address.  What are we striving for in the leadership field? As it relates to the application of leadership, Constructive Dissent within our own ranks is a gift and helps as a check/balance (example of the VW deception) - why did all managers miss?  Why did no one stand up and call out the deception?  There are many Adaptive challenges - shared commitment, management of diversity, etc. Using a clear vision, cohesiveness, standards of excellence, being inclusive - can restore to power to the leaders toolbox. Ethos - competence, integrity, and goodwill - should also be a consideration for applying leadership in theory and practice. 

Leaders can and should work to lead change, manage anxiety, keep space open, encourage authenticity, inclusiveness, manage conflict/listen/trust, and be competent in your work.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Made it to Barcelona

Greetings from Barcelona!

I am here for the 2015 International Leadership Association, and am excited about the plenary sessions and opportunities to interact with others in my field.  My trip over was very successful - fast flight and early arrival allowed me to get some time out on the town before the evening welcome.  I will update this post with pictures later once I have them collected. Some of the places I visited with my good friend Amy were La Rambla street, the La Sagrada Familia, the Parc Guell and Gaudi, Placa de Catalunya, the Basilica de Santa Maria del Pi, the Catedral de Barcelona, and the area around the CCIB. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Countdown to ILA 2015

I'm only a few short days and hours away from ILA 2015, coming from the CCIB Convention Center in Barcelona, Spain.  I'm excited to be going back to Spain and even a bit more excited about visiting a new city.  During my last time visiting the country I was only able to stay near Mondragon and Bilbao - looking forward to seeing the southern coast!

The conference theme this year is Leading Across Borders and Generations - I will be chairing one session on Friday afternoon and otherwise enjoying all of the other opportunities to listen and network.  And I'm sure I'll also find a few new places to sample tapas offerings!

This trip will also put me over the hump for AA Executive Platinum status for the rest of this year and until February 2017 - definitely looking forward to upgrades and other opportunities for trips in the coming months.

If you have any suggestions on places to see or eat, please post them below!