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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Greetings from Doha! My flight made it in one piece, and my group was already in the passport line when I got to the terminal. Only problem…my bags did not make it. They missed the plane change in London for some reason, and will not make it here until tomorrow night. Lovely for me. So, I will deal tomorrow (don’t need any good clothes yet) and make it through for a day. Good thing BA gave me a landing pouch with toothbrush, etc that will tide me over.

My leg from London to Doha was good – dazed in and out, and made a very nice third new friend on the way. My seatmate works for the London Business School but also has done work with Qatar Petroleum, and we had a nice chat about life over here, education, and travel. He does a lot of flying back and forth between London and Doha, so he gave me some good pointers on what to see and eat (a place called Mandarin was one he mentioned). He also offered to do dinner or lunch if it works out while I'm here...very thoughtful of him.

Tomorrow will be an Al-Jazeera visit early in the morning (8:30)…so I am off to sleep.

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