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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the start of the top 10

Here is the start of my top 10 list from the trip to Qatar (in order, but not really in order)

10. Visiting Al-Jazeera - I sure wished we could take more pictures...Al Jazeera was (not surprisingly) setup similar to US news and broadcast rooms, with a main newsroom just behind the main studio. It reminded me a lot of the main studio at WTMJ, in the round and with video boards. The question and answer posed about the Bin Laden tapes was very well worded - the difference between news and propaganda is what makes them air a tape. News only.

9. Qatar Philharmonic - For being a very 'young' group as far as performances go, this was one of the highlights for me during the trip to listen to. I think all of us agreed that a more formal performance space was needed, with tiered seating. But from a musicality standpoint, they performed well and with much emotion.

8. No one runs - This was an item I noticed early on during our visit. I saw no one run the entire time I was there. Everyone walks. Even when they're in a hurry, they walk. Now driving, on the other hand, is a bit nuts. But it was honestly a bit refreshing to understand that there was no need to run about for anything.

7. Flight Experiences - I wasn't very happy about my bags being missed on my first transfer through London, but the experience of flying Club World was one of the best that I've had. Good food, very quiet, and being able to stretch out flat to sleep? For an 18 hour flight experience it was well worth burning the frequent flyer miles. And I got to sit in the cockpit.

6. Learning Space Visits - I was very impressed overall by the variety of learning spaces I was able to visit. I will post several below. Most employ a similar tiered approach that you find in the US, but often at a much steeper angle. I'd be interested to hear how well students are engaged in learning activities when they seem so far away from the instructor.

Final five to come!

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