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Friday, January 8, 2010

Trip Continued – Dallas Pre-flight

After a quick bite to eat and a walk around the terminal, I am here and ready for the next leg. My flight is showing as delayed, so who knows about my connection yet. We’ll have to wait until we’re airborn for me to know if I make it or not. Lovely.

But…I went and checked in at the gate (per usual for international flights) and, much to my delight, was encouraged to make use of the British Airways Lounge! How very fun for me…my first time being able to officially be in an airline lounge due to my ticket.

This is bound to spoil me forever.


  1. Do you get to take a shower here like in London?

  2. I hope the rest of the trip went well, Rich! How fun! Love reading about your travels! :)

  3. Sadly no shower...but I'm always on the hunt for it!