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Friday, April 9, 2021

Additional Chase Bonus Points offers

In October 2020, Chase made bonus points promotions available to help during the pandemic.  These were additional categories beyond normal spending/bonus and had specific thresholds.

I've received more emails with bonus points offers for regular spend through June 30th - if you have these Chase cards, don't forget to sign up using the email links in each invite.

Hyatt Card: 5x points at Grocery/Restaurants on up to $1500 in combined spend through 6/30

United Card: 5x points on up to $1500 in combined spend through 6/30

IHG Card: 5x points on up to $1500 in combined spend through 6/30

British Airways Card: 5x points on up to $1500 in combined spend through 6/30

Marriott Card: 5x points on up to $1500 in combined spend through 6/30

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

A year of remote

March 23rd is another anniversary of sorts for me, as one year ago remote work began in earnest - and I'm still following the same protocols today for safety.  

I'm grateful for the roles I've had and institutions that have kept individuals safe while still providing needed support for campus entities. 

Hoping that the pandemic continues to subside and we are all able to resume regular activities soon!  It's been 480 days since my last overseas trip...I'm ready for travel to be back.

Monday, March 1, 2021

It's been one full year since I've flown...

A bit of a sad anniversary today for me, March 1st marking the last time I was on a plane in over a year!  One year ago I was on my way to Educause ELI in Seattle before Covid shut down most of the area and the conference cancelled while I was transiting to my next gate at SFO.  It didn't make sense to keep going to Seattle, so I went to customer service and changed my ticket back to Newark.  It ended up being a day long trip across the country and my last transcon.  

We're making progress in fighting Covid and I'm hopeful that I will be able to fly again soon.  Most European countries are still closed so it may take a while to have worldwide travel ramp up quickly. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

A New Role in February

2021 has already brought a number of changes forward - I'm proud to share that I've started a new role as well.  As of the 1st I've joined Stanford University as Assistant Chief Information Officer for Support Services in the R&DE IT Division.  I'm looking forward to working with several teams in this role to support a number of initiatives and projects supporting R&DE and students.  I'll be working remotely for now due to challenges with the pandemic in CA, though will be making the trek cross-country at some point in the near future.