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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Mid-Year (fall) 2019 Travel Check-in

I'm a bit late with this post since I've been busy with end of summer construction/start of semester activities.  I feel that we've been busier than usual at work given the amount of projects we're working on including planning for FY20 learning space work.  My travel pattern really picked up in late spring as well which is nice though was unexpected from my assessment early in the year.


No status presently on American even though I took advantage of a brief status match in late spring.  I was able to leverage some new CC spend and have increased my miles balance ahead of some fun travel hopefully next fall.


United is still primary for me as I travel given the close proximity to Newark (not my favorite by any stretch).  My travel for work so far this year combined with personal travel has positioned me to get back to 1K if all holds steady.  I have one additional November trip to confirm as well.  My upgrade pattern has been about 60-70% with no real complaints as planes are typically full.  Looking forward to a full month of travel ahead plus trips through the New Year.  And I'm still leveraging MP Dining and CC use for miles regularly.


I've easily matched Explorist status again for the year, though there is an outside chance I may be able to get to Globalist.  I'll need to make a decision on that in a few weeks otherwise the window will close completely for next year.  CC spend for nights plus the extra 4x on stays has been helpful for future trip planning. 

I'm pretty satisfied overall on how much I've travelled this year.  Strategic use of CC's along with regular spend patterns has helped with overall points accrual as well.  Normal daily CC spend is still one of the best strategies for the points and travel game.

Thursday, October 10, 2019


Greetings from over western TX!  I'm enroute to San Diego for the weekend - should be a great trip catching up with friends and enjoying the sun.  Winds might be a bit gusty during my stay too - always fun to be back. 

Friday, October 4, 2019

Adding a new airport

I always look forward to adding a new airport to my 'traveled' list.  I'll have the opportunity this weekend to increase my count with a trip to Cornell for Ivy+ Director's meetings. 

The trip to ITH is not long and involves an RJ145.  No problem!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Chase Q4 2019 Freedom Categories

I always look forward to the start of a new quarter - it means new 5x bonus categories for the Chase Freedom card.

Just announced, these will be: Department Stores, Paypal, and Chase Pay

Personally I find these disappointing.  It means you have to structure your spend around mobile devices which is something I don't generally do for security reasons.  Paypal seems hard to use in general for most day to day purchases.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Southwest Network changes 2020

From Airline Route - Southwest is making significant changes to their network.  These include:

Following service to be discontinued from 06JAN20:
Atlanta – Boston
Austin – San Francisco
Boston – Kansas City
Boston – Milwaukee
Columbus OH – Oakland
Dallas Love Field – Jacksonville FL
Dallas Love Field – Oklahoma City
Dallas Love Field – San Francisco
Fort Lauderdale – Jacksonville FL
Los Angeles – Cancun
Los Angeles – Omaha
Los Angeles – Pittsburgh
Los Angeles – Puerto Vallarta
Orlando – New York LaGuardia