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Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday evening pre-departure

The day is winding down, and already the sun has begun to set in the west. The day went rather quickly today (of course), one of the few in the last two weeks that I had no other obligation or requirement. I enjoyed being able to sleep in a little, but have now managed to pack up most of my things to get ready to head out.

I didn't figure on getting out and about today due to it being Friday, but mid-afternoon lunch ended up being a trip back to Souq Waqif and what has ended up being one of our favorite eat places across from the Moroccan restaurant. While it was nice to hang out with Steven and Peter for lunch, it was a tad bittersweet not to have Jacqueline, Laura, Christine, or Grace along. Or Sara. Or Christina. Or any of the rest of the USD Team. I hope their flight is going well.

My trek to the airport will be in a bit, through London and Dallas before landing in San Diego. I will be blogging while going and will recap when I land. I will also plan to do a trip recap, or 10 most notable trip points later Sunday into Monday.

After we're all back, our trip is still not complete. We have a final culminating paper to hand in, as well as a planned presentation for our colleagues at USD.

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