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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday – on my way…and back

I’m not sure what it is, but there’s just something about flying that I really enjoy. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m up in the air heading to a fun destination. Maybe it’s the movies I get to watch while I go. Or…maybe it’s the fact that I’m disconnected from life with no Internet and no real way to communicate for a brief time. No matter what, I enjoy flying. I think it’s also the people I meet along the way that make it so fun too (Hallie, you are one of the best!).

I was fortunate to be able to take part in the Oryx lounge experience on my way out of Doha, which ended up being a pretty nice area to wait for a plane in. Other than the fact that the Internet conked out on me, it wasn’t bad.

The plane ride up and over from Doha to Bahrain and on to London was actually kinda fun – the flight attendants I had on the upper deck were quite the pranksters, and would send drinks up the lift to each other and joke with Bob the Engineer and the crew down below. I even got to do something I didn’t think I’d be able to, after I asked:

I had a nice chat with the captain and first officer too...they were very happy to show me around!

Sian (Char) and Michelle were quite fun – would definitely fly with them again! (and I hope they check out my blog for this picture)

I got some good sleep on the way over, and upon arriving to London headed up to the BA lounge. Now, that lounge experience was even better. Food and drinks on demand, tons of wine and snacks, free Internet, I got a massage, and…I got to take a shower. It's too bad they don't offer these types of services to everyone who flies, because I really think more people would be less cranky after long flights. Would you pay $50 to get access to a lounge after your long flight? I would.

Soon it was time to board, and off to Dallas. I was a movie machine on this flight, watching GI Joe, Time Travelers Wife, and Public Enemies. I even had enough time to work on the computer for a while, thanks to my seat having a power plug. Throw District 9 in there on the way over to Doha, and I think I got my fill of films. The food on this particular flight was good too. I had a Spanish white wine with dinner, which was salmon, salad, and a chicken Marsala type dish that was not too spicy. And I was successful in staying up so as to try to get back on a normal schedule.

After landing in Dallas and going through customs, my bags made it this time and I moved to American Airlines check-in to get them on the plane to SD. After a quick bite to eat, my plane to SD lifted off on time, and I fell asleep. I remember putting my head back, and I was out. I woke up with about 20 minutes left to land, very groggy, and yelling at myself inside about why I did that so my system is off. Anyway, i made it home and will now try to sleep myself back into a normal routine. I hope.

Stay tuned...top 10 from the trip is coming!

PS - just saw the news hit that Osama sent another tape to Al Jazeera. When we were there we asked about that...apparently they vet all the tapes they get from him to see if they are news worthy or just propaganda. Guess this one made it through.

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