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Friday, January 8, 2010

Trip Continued – onboard AA 1744 somewhere over New Mexico, I think

I neglected in my last post to mention that I was able to check both of my bags through to Doha when I checked in at the American Airlines counter this morning. At first the guy helping me wanted to charge me $50 for each bag, but after a quick check of my ticket (booked on British Airways Club World which gives me a 3 bag for free allowance, among other things) my bags were put on without paying. How fortunate for me, and another notch for British Airways and the OneWorld Alliance.

My flight to Dallas is very good – I was supposed to have a window seat, but upon getting to my row discovered two women traveling together, one of whom was more than happy to switch with me so that I could get an aisle and she could have the window. We had a nice conversation about where our travels are taking us, and it was very nice to have good seatmates. Diane and Kristen hope that I have as nice a pair of seatmates for the rest of my trip as they were for me during this first leg. Made me smile. They were also kind enough to share their newspaper with me…read all about Colt McCoy getting hurt last night in the National Championship game. Too bad for Texas (sorry James). I can’t imagine how Colt felt, having to come out of a game so early with a shoulder injury and then watch from the sidelines while a freshman quarterback tries to win the Game. Now if only Brett Favre could take an example like that and have to go out of the next game he has to play in...bet the state of Wisconsin would rejoice. Good luck this weekend Packers…you’re 20-1 odds to win the Super Bowl (Chargers are 3-1!), and you need another good game like last week to move on.

Maybe I’ll be able to find the game online again to listen to if I’m lucky.

Chatting more with Diane and Kristen (hope I’m spelling your names correctly) they are on their way to Miami for a family event. A relative on the base in Guantanamo was going to have a baby, and ended up getting medi-vac’d back to Miami for the birth. Apparently she’s in labor right now, so they are flying to see her. They still have their original tickets to visit the base in Cuba – one place I wouldn’t mind trying to visit someday just to see the culture. Just don’t try to type it into Orbitz and expect to find a flight. And while we were talking we discovered a WI connection as well! Just another reason why I love to travel as much as I do – I get to meet so many new and wonderful people along the way. I will definitely remember my new seatmate friends from this leg of my trip!

Landing in a half hour – no announcement from the Captain yet to turn off my electronic device and clear my lap. Maybe the rules are getting relaxed again.


  1. At first the guy helping me wanted to charge me $50 for each bag... my bags were put on without paying.

    I guess he just decided to keep the bags instead of the $50. Did you ever get them?

  2. Yes, eventually...several days in. Not very happy about that, but what could I do...I dealt.