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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

yes, a bus

I neglected to post that at the end of yesterday, I had a chance to take the Education City (EC) Shuttle bus back to Denny's housing complex. I'm not sure, but I think, buses in general like me. EC Shuttle bus, 86 Bus, it doesn't matter what kind, I seem to always be able to catch a bus (or train) within a short period of time. This bus came extremely quickly as well yesterday, and the short ride back was nice. It honestly was a moment in the day, with the sun setting and pavement moving by, to just reflect a little on this experience so far, the time spent working here, and just life. It's those quiet moments on the bus (or train for that matter) as the world goes by that give me the greatest joy and a chance to reflect inward on so many things I'm thankful for. Yesterday ended up being another one of those chances that I took advantage of.

My posts may be shorter the next few days as I work hard to get interviews conducted and classes observed. I did have a chance today to go to the Liberal Arts building though for some proper lunch - Sodexho. Was very good (chicken sandwich grilled) and so far I'm much happier for it.

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