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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Sunday in Rome

Good evening, everyone -

Today ended up being a very nice day for walking in Rome, despite a few rain showers in the later afternoon. After getting up on time this morning, the shuttle was off with me in it by 9:30 for a mid-morning arrival to central Rome.

My first goal was to get to the Vatican Museums, and so off I went after a quick walk by the Pantheon (in the midst of morning services) and made to the Vatican in about 50 minutes. Not bad. Except, my book reading skills must have been off because the museum ended up being closed...read the wrong thing in my book. So I spent a little time in the Square for pictures, and headed back to get some shots at a now open Pantheon.

A walk toward the Trevi Fountain was nice, and after a quick bite to eat I was off to the Forum. The line wasn't too awful - only 30 minutes (and I had two old German ladies cut in front of me in line) - and soon I was walking in the ruins. I decided at that point though to head to the Colosseum right away since I knew the lines would be long, and I got in on a tour right away which was great. The catacombs are closed until February, but walking around on each level was nice and good for pictures. After about an hour, I was off back to the Forum again before it closed, and spent time in the main ruins.

After that, I took a few pics of where I stood on New Years (minus all the people for perspective) and walked back toward the Piazza where I grabbed some food and waited for the shuttle. All in all, a good day. Now I'm just packing things up and will get ready to head out tomorrow morning early. It will be a long day of flights again, but should be good. I stop over in Athens and Bahrain and arrive later tomorrow night in Doha and will be staying with Denny which will be nice.

Before I sign off though, Go Pack Go - I just tried the DirecTv supercast, and I'm watching RedZone channel right now...maybe I'll get some of the game before I sleep!

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