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Friday, January 14, 2011

evening in Doha

Tis my final evening in Doha...my trip is nearing its end. It's a little sad to think that all of this is almost done and soon I will be back to work and school, but I think overall it's been very good. My time here in Doha has been rich with personal experiences and making new connections, as well as seeing some new places and participating in new events I've been invited to be a part of. I'm grateful for the hospitality shown to me by Denny, and am thankful for his willingness to open his home. He has been an invaluable mentor during my research experience, and I'm grateful for his thoughts, opinions, and recommendations. I can only hope I'm able to include him in my research process in the future as I continue on my path of leadership and discovery.

This experience in many ways has reaffirmed my research interest and my desire to continue to investigate this proposed topic for my dissertation. The Qatari students are so very generous and willing to share their experiences, and I'm confident that my future research would be beneficial as Education City and the Qatar Foundation continue to grow and expand their offerings. The hospitality shown to me by the students is a model for others, and should never be taken for granted by us westerners who visit or end up working here. I only hope that more visitors from the US are able to see how special this place is.

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