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Friday, January 7, 2011

weekend is here

Happy Friday, everyone!

I'm very happy that the weekend is here, and today has been a very nice day overall.

This morning, Denny invited me along to go to church and so we left around 9:00am for the 9:45 service. The name of the church (which meets in a house/villa) is Grace Fellowship, and I was happy to go along with him. It's not a specific denomination per say, but probably the best way to classify it would be 'Christian'. It's made up of many different ethnic backgrounds and beliefs, and I even saw a few friends from EC there which was nice. The pastor (who was a Presbyterian pastor from North Carolina) talked about forms of idolatry relating to Isaiah, and one form he brought up was how education is like a form of idolatry, especially if you let it take over your life and it becomes your obsession. After thinking about it for a little bit, I can see his perspective on how that might be. A very thought-provoking experience.

After church we came back and spent some time at home, and then Denny invited me to come along with him to see a special Ottoman exhibit at the Museum. It was fun to go back to the Museum (my last experience there was our USD group meeting outside by the palm trees last January) and the exhibit was very well done. It focused on the art related to Istanbul and the history of the city and culture. Having seen that, I told Denny that I needed to add Istanbul to my travel list. There was also a video montage showing current pictures of Istanbul and overlaying those pictures with the works of art on display which was very well done. After we saw that, we spent a little time in the museum and then it was off to get some food. And...we decided on Egyptian at the new Cultural Village.

The Cultural Village was not here when our group from USD was here, and you have to go beyond the West End to get there but it's right on the water. It's a really nice new development for food and entertainment. Many different places for restaurants to grow into, and it also has a Colosseum type space for larger performance groups. The restaurant we ate at was excellent - I can't even begin to pronounce or type out the food we had, but it was good. I'll let the picture show you.

Time to wind down.

Music to sleep to tonight...Scheherazade.

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  1. The way people push education on their kids is akin to religion, I guess...