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Thursday, January 6, 2011

official update from yesterday - federer/nadal

Good morning, everyone -

Here is the update from yesterday, as promised: overall, not bad.

Yesterday in Doha: 75, and sunny

It marvels me how the temperature has stayed exactly the same so far while I've been here, and I mean, exactly. Very little deviation at all. On my last trip, it seemed like it changed a little here or there, but this trip, very steady.

I was very happy overall with the work I got done yesterday, which was mostly confirming up my observation schedule at Texas for this next week. With Debra not back till Sunday at NU, I've now got 99% of things setup at Texas and ready to go. I'm working out of an empty office up on 3rd floor, which will be good for interviews and writing up transcripts when I get that far. One of the student affairs staff was available to help me print some things yesterday which was great (consent forms) and I think I'm set to go at the one place. I'll plan to check in with Debra on Sunday morning and hopefully get the NU plan set shortly thereafter.

It was also fun to walk over to the Carnegie Mellon building for lunch - the cafe there was a favorite for our group when we were here. Just not the same without Darbi here though.

Once I got things wrapped up I headed out and back to Denny's, to switch things around since Justin still had his tickets for the Open available and I heard back from Jimmy (one of Denny's friends) that he was interested in going. So, eventually we hit the road and off to the stadium for my first ever live professional tennis matches. Starring (drumroll please): Federer in the first match, and Nadal in the second.

And yes, we really were that close.

The chances of being able to see both of the top players in the world play on the exact same night in different matches must be astronomical. But, I was able to do it and Justin's seats put us in the 9th row Center Court...which of course lent itself well to taking pictures. My small camera just doesn't do justice.

Was a very nice time overall...very thankful I was able to go.

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  1. If somebody from San Diego notices the temperature isn't changing very much, it's really steady.