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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: North Sea Fish

Here's a more thorough review of North Sea Fish:

Situated in a quiet neighborhood and away from the usual bustle of London, North Sea Fish might not seem to be your typical glamor 'fish 'n chips' establishment in such a well-known city.  But don't let outside looks deceive you - this Zagat-rated restaurant offers one of the best menu experiences for those looking to satisfy their London to-do list of places to eat.

Boasting a menu of daily fresh fish selections from Sea Bass and Salmon to the traditional 'fish n chips' choices of Cod and Haddock, guests can choose from two helping sizes along with both grilled and fried options.  Specials are typical, and can be found upon arrival.  A contemporary wine list is also available, along with standard bar options.  A special dessert menu accompanies your main menu choice.

For the purposes of this review, the sampled dish of the evening was a Fish N Mash selection off of the Special Menu - made with a boneless white fish embedded within a mashed potato shell accompanied with a bowl of peas.  The potato was soft and well-blended, and the fish accented throughout.  The dish was hot, and a white wine complimented the overall selection.

Apple Crumb was chosen for dessert, with a topping of ice cream that did not disappoint.  Best to go with the smaller main course to make room for this treat.

Don't let this hidden gem pass you by on your next trip to London - it's a short walk from the Russell Square tube stop and you won't be disappointed.  You can be sure this restaurant will remain on my visit list for my next trip!

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