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Monday, October 31, 2011

End of Day 3

No starting plenary today...a nice change that gives everyone a chance to mix it up a little from the past days.  It was a nice cool morning to get to the conference, and my first session was one I was looking forward to...a conversation with Georgia Sorenson, one of the luminaries in our field.  George was the host and moderator, and I was fortunate to have Cheryl introduce me to Georgia before the session began...such an honor!  She talked about her work with James Macgregor Burns, and offered insights into where she believes that leadership is going in the future (did you know she was ordained as a monk in Japan? It helped her reflect on the idea of "invisible" leadership).  Having others like Ron Riggio and Jean Lipman-Blumen in attendance sure set the stage.

For the second session of the day I sat in on a discussion about emerging leadership and what emerging scholars can consider to be successful in the field.  This session was hosted by a friend and colleague from USD, Whitney M Miller who teaches at Northern Kentucky Univ.  What can we do to be more collaborative between our senior scholars and us newbies in the field?

Wanting to bone up on my publishing ideas, I decided to go to the Publishing in Leadership session for the final Concurrent session of the conference.  A panel that included Ron Riggio and Keith Grint gave us their experience and recommendations for emerging scholars to get published in the field, and what are the best tips to get an inside edge.   Can we weather the storm of criticism and feedback that is part of getting into a journal?  Best to hone up on my revising skills!

My afternoon/evening was spent touring with a new friend and colleague, Kelsey, from Virginia Tech before heading back and getting things all packed up.  I'll post a final collective conference summary shortly...hard to believe everything is winding down already...

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