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Friday, October 28, 2011

End of Day 2

Oof...another long day at the conference done, but another day of wonderful presentations and an overall enriching experience.  I'm always excited to go in the morning, and am disappointed when the day is over and I ask myself where the time went.  I guess that's a good thing...better that the time goes by quickly while you're having fun!

Today's opening keynote was by Polly Higgens, an international environmental lawyer speaking on ecocide, and her advocacy efforts to make more people aware of the damage being done to ecosystems.  This particular conference focus of 'one planet, many worlds' brings out many different perspectives - and while the room was full for yesterday's plenary, today's was maybe 40% full.  I'll be curious how the attendance shifts (if at all) tomorrow...could be a topical swing.

My interest in Concurrent Session 4 was around a colleague from my Qatar global study trip, Susan Komives, and the topic of Remapping Leadership Education.  The panel included John Dugan from Loyola (he's leading a trip to Rome over Intercession), and I was very impressed with the small group discussions we had concerning pros and cons behind educating others in leadership.  Will the takeaways hold with us as we go back into our normal work settings?

I was also excited for Session 5 today, as it was a look at Effective Leaders from a Qatari Perspective.  My good friend and colleague Denny Roberts from Qatar Foundation was part of the presentation, along with another colleague from Zayed University, Kate O'Neill.  The idea they're proposing on Khaleeji leadership is one that I believe will take off.  There is such a need for this in the Gulf region that I'm confident more individuals will become interested in being a part of the discovery. 

Session 6 was Dissertation Research Support, and that panel included Cheryl - I thought it best to attend that one as I'm nearing the start of my own research in earnest.  I got some good takeaways regarding publishing and committee work, so I'm feeling pretty good about where I'm at so far in my own process.  Soon the research will come.  Soon.

And then shortly thereafter it was time to present my research!  I had a good number of individuals stop by and was able to have many excellent conversations about my research and findings.  Many nods of approval and encouragement to continue forward.  I'm really excited about where this research can take me, and the feedback I keep getting is that this is definitely a growth area to explore.

Another day of fun to come!

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