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Monday, October 31, 2011

Review: Alborz Restaurant

If you're visiting London and looking for Persian cuisine to wet your appetite, then look no further than Alborz, a family-run restaurant located in Kensington near Olympia.  It's a short walk from the Olympia tube station, and close to other shops and hotels such as the Hilton Olympia.

The menu boasts traditional Persian dishes, centered around various preparations of lamb.  Chicken can also be found instead of lamb if your pallet desires, along with several vegetarian options. I almost couldn't make up my mind on first glance through the menu but settled on Qormeh Sabzi, listed as a traditional lamb casserole cooked with fresh herbs, lamb, beans, dry lime & served with rice.  I also could not resist an order of Tafton bread off of the appetizer menu.  The bread is prepared fresh to order in a clay oven near the entrance of the restaurant, and was thin with good flavor.  

My portion of Qormeh Sabzi was served in a separate white dish with an herb sauce and accompanied with a large plate of yellow rice.  I'm glad I had an appetite, as the portion was large enough to be split off to share with someone else if desired.  The waitstaff were attentive to my needs, and allowed me to enjoy my food without constant interruption.  The entire meal was under 10 pounds, not including drink and was a good value for the amount of food you receive. 

I look forward to a future trip to Alborz, and highly recommend a visit for anyone interested in supporting a local restaurant with well-prepared Persian cuisine.