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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

fish 'n...mash

Greetings from London and ILA!

It's a nice, cool evening here right now...just a little light rain falling and the day is winding down.  Doesn't it always seem like it's supposed to be raining in London?  Hmm.  Good walking weather that's for sure.

Made it here in one piece on an airline I had never tried - Vueling.  I think the announcement they had as we boarded was "welcome to Europe's newest international airline...".  Well, that may be true, but their seats left little to be desired.  The plane was full, and they squeezed every inch they could between seats - as I sat in my aisle seat 21D, if my knees were at 90 degrees, I was about 1/4" from the back of the seat in front of me.  No room.  Whatsoever.  It was cheap though, and it got me here.  I might try them again if the cost is right.

After jaunting through Terminal 3 at Heathrow (where I nearly forgot my poster tube at the underground ticket place and a lady had to catch it for me), I was soon on the Tube and off to Earl's Court, where I needed to transfer to the Olympia stop.  When I looked up this route and location for the hotel, I was a little unsure about how to get here - London's never stopped me before though.  Pleasantly surprised that it's about a 5 minute walk from the train to the Hilton, and is very convenient.  My room winds through the halls and snakes around corners, but is the last room on the floor away from everything.  It's not a huge space, but comfortable and clean.

I got here early enough in the evening to drop my things off and head to dinner (since I didn't have lunch before I left), and I couldn't resist heading to my favorite fish and chips place near Russell Square.  North Sea Fish was hopping tonight - I mean, there were non-stop people in and out.  Large groups of 10, small groups of two...and me.  Now, those who know me best know that I love salmon, and normally I would not resist the temptation to have it fresh.  But one of the menu specials for the evening was 'fish and mash'...potatoes, that is.  How could that be bad?  And it comes with peas.  Time to try something new - and I must say that I was not disappointed.  It was great.

And then I had to have apple crumble after.  Ohhhhhhh yum.

Now I'm in recovery.  Good thing this place has a gym on the second floor, I might need it in the morning.


  1. You should write a more detailed review of the 'fish and mash' and I'll feature you as a guest blogger on my blog! Do it...so I don't feel so bad about the huge gaps in my posting schedule ;-)

    Safe journeys!