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Saturday, October 22, 2011

back in Basque

It always amazes me how the nostalgia seems to set in when I return to a place that I've visited before.  Finding myself back here in the Basque region of Spain did the same thing as in other places I've traveled.  To be honest, I never figured I'd be back here as soon as now, but I'm thankful for the chance to be here again.  I'll admit it's not quite the same sans Jimmy and the rest of our group, but just walking through the airport again made me realize how familiar it seems.

One thing that is weird - sunrise is not until 8:34a.  8:34!  I woke up and was a little confused about what time it really was.  8:34 is very late.  I'd never want to get out of bed if I lived here and sunrise is this late.

Going to lay low today and get my system adjusted - figures to be windy with possible rain today and tomorrow, which dampens the potential fun.  I'll wait and see how it plays out...

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