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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

random act of kindness

I experienced a random act of kindness this last weekend when I was going to hop on a bus and pay for my pass - a girl coming off before I got stuck out her hand with a pass in it and said "it's a day pass, here just use it"...score.  $5 saved.  I said 'thank you', and got on. 

Anyone else heard about this?  Novel idea.

Speaking of beer, one hot new craze in Australia has been the installation of rubber sidewalks outside of pubs, as The Wall Street Journal reports. Originally intending to dampen the noise of revelers and clanking beer barrels with the rubber mats, bars and pubs quickly found that rubber mats work just as well cushioning the falls of tipsy bar-goers and those prone to fighting (which, according to the article, is quickly and sadly approaching epic proportions in Australia, with a 30% increase in violent assault in the past 10 years). One manufacturer, A1 Rubber, reports that it's seen a 35% increase in orders for these rubber sidewalks since 2005. It's had to open new warehouses to keep up with the demand, a tidbit that will likely be left out of any future Australian Chamber of Commerce business highlights. ~J.R. Wells Fargo


  1. I predict this will lead to more fights outside of pubs, and that these fights will be more amusing to watch.

  2. Agreed. I wonder how much it costs to add?

  3. It's not the cost of the rubber so much as the breakaway chairs and safety plate glass windows they have to install with it.