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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Windsor castle 11:45a

Of course, it had to start to rain JUST as we were entering the outer gate of Windsor. Not torrential, but still enough to be annoying. Who forgot his umbrella at home? That would be me.

Our first stop was the Queen's Dollhouse area. I think Grandma really liked the house and the dolls around there. Most date back to the late 1800's/early 1900's.

(:10 random diatribe of the day: what are the chances for me to be trampled by a Japanese tour group while on a castle tour? Apparently pretty good. I hate being stepped on.)

The state apartments were very nice, but an 11:30 meet up time meant a quick exit as the changing of the guard was commencing. Overall not bad...even getting Grandma in her rain poncho was fast.

Now we are off to Stonehenge and lunch. Rain, rain, go away.

As a side note: since the iPad was just released in the UK yesterday, every time I get it out to write I've been a pretty popular guy. Word is that queues were very long here to get them. Everyone wants to see it and I'm happy to oblige - gives me a chance to practice one on one training too in a few cases. No problems as yet...it functions well on the O2 and Vodaphone 3G networks and wifi is fast. A few apps have crashed on occasion but not too bad.

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