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Friday, May 28, 2010

PHL-LHR. We finally take off

After a delay which seemed to take forever, we finally made it airborne out of Philly. Our primary issue was mostly the weather as rain and lightning halted ramp operations. That caused a major flight backup to the tune of 50 planes waiting to take off right as we were boarding.

Then after finally getting on the plane, the captain told us that we were number 25 in line...another 30 minutes at least before we leave. not fun. Finally our turn came and off we went. Finally. Only 2.5 hours late. With no ability to use electronic devices.

Our food was fair - chicken and rice. Had a chance to watch Sherlock Holmes. Sleeping was another matter. The cabin for the most part is quiet but the light from the restrooms is just bright enough to annoy. So...how to remedy? No eye cover means a sweatshirt turned backwards makes a hood a good face cover. Finally some rest. That is, until i'm shaken awake for a restroom break. Me in the lucky aisle seat.

Here's hoping the tube is running on time...

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