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Sunday, May 9, 2010

the week ahead

Good evening, all -

Figured I needed to do an update, as this week promises to be a long one. Tomorrow night is my first presentation evening for my 608 class, where a 10 minute academic presentation awaits me. Tuesday night is my final class for 579, and I also have a 20 minute presentation to do for that one. Lucky me. Wednesday night I hopefully will go and practice a little, since Thursday is the Joint Ascension service that I have to play for. And then Friday morning very early I'm on the road again to my brother's graduation, which should get me back here on Saturday in time to finish up my final paper for 608 which is due next Monday. It also will let me prep for the 2nd presentation for the 608 class next week Monday night. Then, that class will also be over, as will my first year of doctoral classes. (sigh) Yikes.

Almost there.

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