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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long week ahead

Here we are at the start of the long week of the semester, also known as Commencement Week. The festivities kick off tomorrow morning with some testing, a final test on Thursday before the broadcasts and ceremonies start Friday morning.

I made it back in one piece from La Crosse this weekend, visiting home for my brother's graduation from College. He's already got a good job for the summer, and I'm so proud of him for his work and for graduating with honors! I was happy to make it, and my flights were all on time with no major issues to report. I had to rent another car from MSP, but it ended up only costing me $29. Quite a steal! Plus it was nice to spend time with mom and dad, and also see Aleah and Laura. So cute!

Bring on the week ahead - tomorrow night is my last class of the semester and final presentation. Almost done!

(and...it looks like I may be heading back to Qatar in January...stay tuned)

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