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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here we go! SAN-PHL

This post is being written from 35000 feet as I make my way from San Diego to Philly. The flight so far has been smooth with no real problems. I even got my luggage on without needing to check anything (sorry Jon). Yay for some vacation and family time. My brain needs a break.

Was a tad hectic getting on...why do the gate personnel see fit to constantly announce how many minutes they have left to get us boarded? Telling me in a hurried voice you have 6 minutes left to get 36 of us boarded is not going to make us sit faster and get bags stowed. And after all of that hurrying, we ended up sitting on the plane for almost 20 minutes anyway. At least they serve Coke on these flights...

There is a lady across the aisle who is using a Palm to play Bejeweled right now...people still use Palm (or should I say HP) devices???

Props to Airbus on the newer A321 planes...much more roomy than the old 319's and 320's but the overhead bin rattle on takeoff and landing needs some serious attention. Luggage nearly flew out when a bin opened up.

My seat mate (christina) is on hher way back to NH having just visited and surprised her bf in San Diego who is in the Navy on the Halsey. I enjoy having nice seat mates who understand how to fly.

When i land it will be off to the next gate in the hopes that Grandma and Grandpa made it. I hope that their flight is all on time and they make it to the right gate. Philly is kinda big...

Yay for iPad apps to pass the time.

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