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Sunday, May 23, 2010

SDSU Commencement


I'm happy to report that we are nearly wrapping up our technical and broadcast responsibilities for SDSU's 2010 Commencement exercises. It's been a long weekend, filled with occasional glitches and hiccups, but for the most part things have been very successful. Our broadcasts to Cox Cable and Time Warner have been well produced by the staff, and David and Bill should be commended for their attention to detail and follow through on our final product being seen by San Diego County residents. The general staff also deserves a round of thanks for their work on Friday and in preparation of equipment before the recognition ceremonies started.

Being here this weekend also allowed me to work on a number of projects in the hopper for summer building, and gave me some focus time for scheduling. Monday-Wed of this week is finishing up a speaker installation in GMCS (before I jet out on Thursday).

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  1. I am glad you made it through alive! :)
    Have a safe trip out of the Country and have a great time!