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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday touring

"Mind the Gap." Those announcements never get old.

Hard to believe its already almost 5... The day sure sped by. We just got back to the room to wind down a bit now before the evening is upon us. We will sleep early tonight so we can catch the morning flight from Gatwick to Hamburg on Easyjet. Hope its as easy as they claim.

Let's see...where should I start.

We got up this morning and were able to try the free 'english breakfast', which actually was quite good. Eggs, toast, sausage, ham, and baked beans. Very yum (of course, I avoided the beans). G&G sure liked them though.

Then we hit the road to Sloane Square to try to see the flower show. Except that it ended yesterday. Whoops. So we walked sound the square and then headed down toward London Bridge (which was not falling down). We took some pictures of the The Monument and the tower then walked on the river walk toward the Tower of London. We decided to not go in to see the Crown Jewels, but rather walk around the castle which was very fun. The Tower Gardens were in bloom, and there were also medieval demonstrations to watch. I got a quick bite (G&G were still full on beans) and we hit the train for Green Park and Buckingham Palace. The weather was so great today...sun and a nice breeze that made walking and picture taking very easy. Ducks and swans a plenty. We even took a 15 minute lawn chair siesta until the keeper guy came around and wanted money from us. Oops. We ran away...

...to TRAFALGAR SQUARE! (just for Shannon). We found Grandma a UK map, and then I thought it might be fun to swing by Academy of St. Martin in the Fields (where we sang on WLC choir tour). Great memories of course (mostly of our performance and when my recording gear burned out and caught fire during warmup on the Steinway). They've completely redone the shop area into a wide open spot for walking and rehearsing. Very nice. We decided to get some food in the shop, so G&G had some soup and I had apple crumble. Mmm.

After a quick listen to evensong choir song warmups we headed back (they're doing Brahms Requiem next week). Now shall commence relax time and probably packing up.

A good day had by all. I'm very happy that London has turned out very well. Now, on to leg #2.

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