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Monday, August 19, 2013

The "Great Mileage Run" that wasn't

So...after my last post outlining the availability of a mileage run that would net almost 20,000 EQM's on United, I dove in on Friday night, calling the 1K line to see if I could get an agent to assist me in making the arrangements.  I couldn't easily do this on United.com, since the multiple reservations area only has the ability to do six (6) segments...and I needed 9.

A very thoughtful agent answered, and for the next 45 minutes we worked to find the flights...to no avail.  Every city pair I saw in the K bucket wasn't seen by her, or if it was, it was hundreds more.  The closest we got was $1030...that's not the $740 I was seeing.  So I chanced the website and combined the IAD-BAH segments in order to fit the six lines I had.  And...I couldn't believe it...it priced it at $750!  The agent couldn't believe it either.  And...very odd...one segment went to Dubai and then connected to Bahrain via a FlyDubai flight - since when was United a partner with FlyDubai?  Maybe that's coming down the road?  Everything ticketed in order, so it was a valid reservation...just surprising.

Here was the final routing:  LAX-LAS-IAD-DXB-BAH-IAD-ORD-LAX. 

So...I had what I wanted at $757.40 and flying time of 56 hours to get the near 20,000 elite qualifying miles I need to stay at 1K for next year.  Crazy.

Even more crazy...I cancelled it night before last before the 24 hour mark to get a refund.

What's wrong with me, you ask?

Well...I crunched some numbers, and while the price point for this type of thing is as low as it would ever be, I just don't have the $$ right now to spend on it.  If it were a bit cheaper, I think my budget could do it.  I hate money.  And I hate that I have to give up something like this that would really help for next year. But I think its the right decision.

I will keep scouring for deals...another is bound to pop up.


  1. The whole idea of a mileage run seems like letting the tail wag the dog to me. You not only saved $750, but two solid days of travel time to boot. I approve.

  2. But I'm out the 20,000 PQM's I need to re-qualify for 1K for next year. Once they add the PQD (dollars requirement), I'll never get 1K again since it will be tied to spending.