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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So you're almost to United Silver status...

I just wanted to give a quick summary of what happens when you hit the first tier of status on United - I was geeked out the first time I got it, since it meant having a few enhancements to my overall travel experience.

As a review, you can reach Silver status by flying 25,000 miles on United (or qualifying Star Alliance partners) in a calendar year, or reaching 30 qualifying segments.  Next year this will be changing, and will include having to spend $2500 Premier Qualify Dollars on United.com tickets.

You will find the summaries below:

Silvers get access to Economy Plus seats at check-in, and are also in the queue for upgrades if seats are available.  It's pretty difficult to get those seats at the silver level, but on certain routes you can get them!  I also like the additional mileage bonus per flight (25%), as well as the 500-mile earning minimum - shuttle flights like SAN-LAX make the benefit worth it.

Complimentary checked luggage is also included, and some of the award fees are reduced beginning at silver.  As you move up the ladder, those fees are waived upon reaching Platinum status.

Be sure to check your account to see if you're close to reaching the next level of status!  You might be surprised at what you get...

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