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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Place of the Day: Plitvice

I chuckled out loud when I saw that The Museum of Islamic Art was a highlight of last weeks travel guides...mostly because I love that museum and seem to find my way there every time I'm in Doha.  But for this post, I'm going to highlight another place I want to travel to, and it would also meet one of my Star Alliance airline goals.  Croatia, here I come?

I'm not sure what excites me the most about this place - the fact there's a lot of green involved, the waterfalls and lakes that can be discovered, or the the elevated wood-paths and bridges that allow you access to one of the unique places in the world to visit.  It's a picture-taking dream, and I can't wait to see it firsthand.

Flying into Zagreb might be your best bet on reaching this UNESCO site, and there are plentiful flight options to get you there through each of the alliances. 

Can't wait to visit!

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