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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Over 1,000,000 points in 2012? It can be done.

If you read the headline and thought it was me, I'm very sorry to disappoint you - I wish it was.

Among the many blogs that I read, I wanted to share this particular post which is a husband and wife team that managed to accumulate over a million points between the two of the them in 2012.


I particularly like the graphic shared, since it shows exactly which offers they managed to get in on - it goes to show you that the credit card companies are quite generous throughout the year on their promotions.  One caveat to all of this though - most of these cards have spending requirements in order to get the full points offered.  So if you are strategic about your spending (i.e. putting your rent on your cards, all of your communications bills, etc) you should be able to typically take care of the modest spending requirements ($1000-$2000 in 3-4 months).  Make sure that the card and spending makes sense for you in your situation. 

I haven't totaled my take from 2012 yet...maybe I should...

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