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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

do I want to fly on the new planes?

It seems to be the "vogue" thing to do these days - the minute a new airplane type is released, it becomes all the rage if you're a frequent flyer to try and get a flight on the new plane.  Call me crazy, but I'm not one of those types who absolutely need to fly on them the minute they are put into service.  I've always been a believer in letting the airlines get the kinks out of the planes first before I sit my butt in one of the seats.

Given the recent news about the new Dreamliner and what has taken place in Boston this week, I find my mindset to be just a tad justified.

Don't get me wrong - the allure of flying on one of the largest airplanes does intrigue me.  And I'm really curious about the whole "shower" spa thing and sleeping in a suite.  And yes, one of my dreams was always to fly on the Concorde, and I really missed out on that one.

But for now I'll keep saving my miles and try out some of these new planes eventually.  Once the kinks are worked out.


  1. The Concorde might have ruined transatlantic flying for you forever. You're better off not knowing how much slower you're going.

  2. True, although the allure of going "faster than the speed of sound" was always a fun idea.