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Monday, January 7, 2013

Into the new year we go...

Happy New year everyone!

I know I'm a little late in the game on the greeting, but was on the road back to WI for my brother's wedding and only just recently managed to get back home.  For all of you who have taken a few minutes to check out my blog over the past years, I sincerely want to thank you and hope you have enjoyed.  I've tried my best to keep this space for all of my travel interests, with a few other random topics sprinkled in from time to time. 

One of my big takeaways from last year is that I've become much more savvy and in-tune with point collecting and general travel topics.  My experience has been honed by daily blog reading and a more concerted effort to maximize my card usage at locations that take advantage of bonus point values (for example, grocery shopping with a card that gives me 6x points - why didn't I ever do that before?).

So this year I anticipate doing more of the same, and have a few travel goals in mind for 2013 (provided I get my dissertation written and defended as my #1 goal).  Not sure if any of them will work out, but it's great to have goals!  Here they are in no particular order:

1.  South Africa - Besides Johannesburg, there are penguins to be viewed, seeing where the oceans meet, Table Mountain, and a safari to be had around the Cape Town area.  This one has been recommended near Kruger National Park.

2.  Tirana, Albania - I had a classmate at WLC who was from Albania, and always encouraged me to visit.  The Citadel at Berat would be neat to check out!

3.  Kuala Lumpur - Seeing the towers is high on my list!

4.  New Zealand - Not sure if it's just a Lord of the Rings thing, but seeing the landscape and trying some of that famous wine would be completely relaxing.

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