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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Next stop, Bielefeld


Currently zipping along at 200 km/hr on an ICE train to Bielefeld, and figured I'd write a quick note. We've made our connections well so far, and this is our longest ride of the day. We'll make one more stop in Hannover before switching to the last train. I think G&G's friend will pick us up when we get there. Not sure what food for tonight will be.

Everyone sure likes the train scenery so far. Many of the planted fields are just coming up and the farmers are out.

Sleep last night was so great. I zonked out right away. Woke up this morning, showered and got ready before we quickly went to the church on the property because Erika wanted me to meet the Dr. guy who plays the organ at the church. The organ there was very nice, and unfortunately I didn't have anything along to play. But the Dr. guy whipped out one of Bach's Orgelwerks books and did quite the demo. Woulda needed some practice time for that. I think he was quite pleased.

After a nice breakfast spread of meat and bread, we parted ways with Erika to the train. She was so happy we could come. Soon to be to our next adventure.

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