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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Made it

I hate Frontier.

Maybe hate is too strong a word, but I highly dislike it regardless. Reasons?

Well to start, i have yet to not stand in line at the ticket counter for less than 40 minutes to check in. Why do airlines only schedule one person to do check in for a flight of several hundred?

Second, seat rules are dumb. I was sitting in my aisle seat next to a large overweight woman when finally they closed the doors and we were going to leave. In front of me was one guy alone in a row of three to himself. He promptly moved to the window when the door shut. So, a seat open in front of me, I thought it the neighborly thing to do and move up to give this lady (and me) more space. So I moved, got in, and the large lady decides to ask the flight attendant if it's ok her friend moves up to sit next to her. Dumb. Meanwhile on my right, another lady has risen to move to the open seat in front of her opposite me. Now the flight attendant has a problem with all this moving as the friend moves in by the large lady. She tells the person on my right she can't move up because these are the "special" seats, and makes her go back. But, she ends up letting me stay in my new seat...after all of that.

This same flight attendant almost an hour later only gives me ONE chocolate chip cookie...I had to ask to get the second. Dumb.

My flight was slightly delayed in leaving SD, but ive made it safe. Now on to the fun at will commence.

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