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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Oof, was it hard to wake up this morning. Not sure why, but I could have slept in all day today. Was kinda blah and not feeling well either this morning, fortunately am doing better now. I blame the spargel.

After a nice breakfast this morning, we were up and out for some local fare. First stop was Aldi. I'm not sure exactly what the fascination is with Aldi, and I don't think I've shopped there once in my life. But G&G sure do like it. It just seems to me to be a jumbled mess of products all smushed together on shelves. We also stopped so grandma could get some Rennie.

Next we were on to the local outdoor market, that was actually very full of people and vendors. It was fun to see the neat German cakes and other food...fish from Amsterdam! Was a bit cool though...no sun this morning.

In the afternoon Ruth took us to Detmold to see the castle and the sun finally came out. We had a cranky old tour guide guy lead us, who also chided me for taking pictures. I took a few anyway. Just because he was cranky. (one highlight from the tour was seeing a clavichord that Brahms used to give lessons when he was in residence). Then afterwards we drove back to another small town and stopped for a quick break to have some cake at Haus Berkenkamp. Strawberry. Yum.

The resident cat :)
Tonight after dinner, as a surprise we went to Burg Sparrenberg which overlooks Bielefeld. Got many good pictures that I will share later (Below). And soon, it will be time for schlafen.

Overall, not a bad day. Tomorrow we leave for Karlsruhe.

PS - Did I mention Ruth has an amazing house? Pictures below.

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  1. Is German Aldi the same as American Aldi? Do you still have to put a coin in the shopping cart handle to use it?

  2. Pretty much the same...stuff everywhere. I think the carts are free. :)