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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 6

It's Thursday, and here we are - already the Inaugural is tonight, and all of the guys are out voting for their candidate for Governor. Been a pretty good week overall so far, and tonight is the capstone before the guys begin a day and half of working state government. As far as past Badger Boys State's have gone, I think this one has probably been the smoothest, including the rain we had earlier in the week. Even taking the picture last night went without TOO much of a hitch.

My band has done an outstanding job - I'm always impressed by our first rehearsal and immediate assembly, and now the guys are really into the groove. I have a number that will 'guest' conduct starting tomorrow, so that will be fun too. I'll try to sneak a picture or two tonight and post later. Tonight's speakers include Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, and Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton.

Will be a long night.

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