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Monday, October 21, 2013

Educause Day 3

We wrapped up Educause on Friday morning with a final keynote, and a few remaining small group sessions.  The highlights are below:

Learning space discussion from Buffalo State

The main room is similar to our LRS B - but they have mediascapes in every corner
Crestron/Extron mix to handle switching
Air touch table same as ours
Node chairs from Steelcase
No Apple Tvs
Convinced most faculty would change methods, but it's about empowering
Does library have training?
Faculty seen as "partners" over time
NCSU learning space toolkit used - http://www.Learningspacetoolkit.org

Air media vs Apple TV? Looking at air media down the road....

CIO search session - strategies to get yourself known

Optimizer vs transformer vs strategist - how candidates are classified
Communication, collaboration, ability to execute - key attributes
Building your brand is most important
When creating a Resume, include professional profile - 5-7 sentences
Insight of institution and culture - "why do you want to work" question...can you answer it?
Taken a risk/lesson learned...what have you done to stand out?

Hope that I can attend next year!  Orlando is much farther away...

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