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Monday, July 1, 2013

Mid-year check in - July

I feel as though I'm behind a bit on my typical mileage and point accrual for the year.  I've been making smarter decisions on flying both from a timing and money perspective, and so that means I'm more spread out across my programs at the halfway point of this year.  Here's my rundown:


I'm behind.  Big time.  If I'm going to keep 1K for one more year before United implements their changes for achieving elite status, then I need to keep going and acrue as many as I can.  A mileage run may need to happy later in the year if I'm short of 100k.


I'm considerably down in stays this year, mostly because I've been smarter in when I make stays.  I'm matched to Diamond for the rest of the year, but expect to go back down to Platinum at the end.


Here's the x-factor - I enjoy the upgrades on any ticket, but realistically don't fly enough to keep both 1K and Exec Platinum.  With the pending merger coming down the pike of US Airways and American, this may be the odd one out (although my balance is pretty respectable so far this year and keeping Platinum would be helpful overall)

Looks like I'll keep plugging away on UA - and add AA as I go if it makes sense.

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