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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Birthday Trip Top 10

Not sure what dad's might be, but these are my top 10 things from the trip:

10.1 Seeing the original "scream" - cardboard and all
10. BusinessFirst seats on United - made the flying easier and sleeping flat was definitely worth the trip
9. Fjord cruise in Oslo - perfect to get out on the water
8. Walking the Crown Jewels at the Tower more than once!
7. Changing of the guard by Karl Johan - caught it just at the right time, and got to see the whole thing
6. The idea to make a run for it across the street outside of the Tower...crazy London driving!
5. People who make abrupt stops for no reason right in front of me - for whatever reason, I was a magnet for these on the trip
4. Managing to get a spot on the fence for the Buckingham Palace guard change - and dodging the kids scaling the fence
3. The 60th birthday homage at the Heathrow Hilton
2. Our Norwegian food choices were excellent - fish dishes included

And #1...

1. Spending time with dad!

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