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Friday, July 5, 2013

Day in Oslo

Had an amazing day in Oslo...the sun rose and clouds cleared out, and warmer temperatures made for easy walking.  After taking our time this morning and getting our systems on the Euro-clock, we headed out for the water and Bygdoy, an inhabited island to the southwest of the main city.  This particular area has numerous museums, including the Frammuseet, Kon-Ticki Museet, and Vikingskipshuset.

The fastest way to get to the island is by boat, and after a quick walk from the hotel we were at the water and quickly hopped onto the transport.  It was a modest 50,00 Kr to get over, and in about 10 minutes we were off and walking to the Viking Ship museum.  The ships were uncovered some time ago and continue to be restored as funding allows.

We decided after seeing the boats to also walk down to the Frammuseet and see Roald Amundsen's polar ship Fram - this was one of the boats that took adventurers up toward the North Pole. 

After viewing the information on the expeditions, we boated back across the bay to the main city center, and "turned left" into the Nobel Peace Center.  The main exhibit highlighted the most recent Peace award winner, the European Union.  It also had portraits and information on each of the other peace prize winners.

It was time for dinner after the Peace Center, so we dropped off our packs at the hotel and were next off to dinner at Bacchus, a cafe/restaurant we had researched that offered authentic Norwegian food near Karl Johan's Gate.  We were not disappointed - dad tried a pink mountain trout dish while I tried a more traditionally cooked burger with Norwegian cheese.  Both were excellent!  After dinner we did a bit of shopping on the street, visited the Oslo Domkirke, and then walked back toward the hotel to get ready for our next day.

More to come tomorrow!

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