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Sunday, June 9, 2013

BBS 2013 Day 2

Today was first real day of Badger Boys State - meaning, it was the first day that the guys were put in charge of running their own cities (with the help of their counselors).  This is a watershed moment, really, in the entire week - before this point the citizens probably didn't understand what was going on and what to do. Walking into Storzer and seeing one county working on electing a party chairman brought back fond memories - I was a city party chairman when I was a citizen.  Just going through the process of putting yourself out there in front of a whole room of guys that you don't know was a little unnerving.  I'd like to think that it made me a better public speaker and not afraid to stand in front of a group.  But for some of these guys this is the first time they've had to do this - eye-opening!

The band did an excellent job on the spot tonight - we got done with our three numbers and couldn't start the festivities because a county was late.  So we pulled another number out and went with it.  After that we had to do it again, this time with an unrehearsed piece.  I'm glad that the caliber of players in the band every year gives us some flexibility - they really did an excellent job!

Tomorrow are City elections and County party conventions...let the campaigning begin!

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