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Monday, June 17, 2013

Back to it...

My travels back from Badger Boys State to San Diego were pretty uneventful - other than two connections that were the closest I've had in some time.

The Milwaukee-O'hare flight was delayed, which would have caused me grief in Chicago, but I was able to snag the last seat on the flight just before. Lucky me.

Sitting at O'hare wasn't a problem, until...our departure to LAX was delayed by almost an hour because the fasten seatbelt sign was not working and maintenance was trying to fix it.  This delay would cut into my 38 minute connection in LA to San Diego (in other words, I figured I wouldn't make it). 

But...we landed in LA with 9 minutes to spare ahead of schedule - and instead of being two terminals away I was just one gate away.  I ran for it...and made it at the last second before the lady was going to close the door.  Talk about your mad rush, but if I had missed it, the next flight would have been at 11pm, nearly 3 hours later.  I can guarantee I wouldn't have been happy about that.

Now it's back to work...and a long week until Friday...........

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  1. A seatbelt light is about the worst reason to delay a plane full of people... one of the many costs incurred to get that super high safety record.