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Monday, June 11, 2012

the end of BBS Day 3

So, I decided to treat myself after the evening assembly tonight:

What do you think?

Got to see some rain this morning as the day got started - a nice change from the heat we've been having so far.  I always enjoy it when it rains...just calm and peaceful.  I got my work for the morning done, and then was able to meet up with a friend and former colleague from WLC who works near here - enjoyed some lunch and caught up.  My afternoon rehearsal was a bit sparse to start (as athletics began today) but eventually I had about 80% of the group arrive.  Always tough to run our more formal pieces without the full group, but that will be the norm now for the rest of the week.  We'll make it.

Tonight's assembly keynote featured Wisconsin's Attorney General, J.B. Van Hollen.  He's a very good guy and had a very personal message to share with the boys tonight about public service (I like the fact that he's a St. Olaf grad).  We also saw the city mayors and the state patrol get sworn into office.  County campaigning will soon begin!

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