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Thursday, June 14, 2012

BBS Day 5

Another day has wrapped here in Ripon, and we're edging ever closer to inauguration and a wind-down of activities at Badger Boys State.  It has really been a fulfilling week so far on many levels, and I'm very interested to see who will be representing the State this year as governor. 

Wednesday evening saw the candidates speak and take questions as part of convention after everyone took part in the BBS state photo.  There were many moving stories by the candidates, but I hope everyone remembers to vote smartly.  Always take all factors into account!  Make sure you're informed!  :) 

The band is nearly ready to go for Thursday night - we'll have one more rehearsal to run the songs, and then we'll be set.  We also will have student conductors participating on Friday and Saturday, so the guys are also looking forward to that.  I'm always smiling about having them take part - for some its a thrill of a lifetime to conduct a band this size.  We'll see how it goes!

Speakers on tap at the inaugural include Ann Walsh Bradley and Scott Walker.  Sure to be good!

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