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Saturday, June 9, 2012

BBS - Day 1

Happy first day of Badger Boys State!  Well, it's actually winding down now, but it still was a good first day.  If there was any one thing that I might change, it would be the humidity - don't have to deal with this in San Diego, and it reminds me how much I (and my allergies) don't really enjoy it.  But, all is well - made it through!

I'm going to do my best to blog the week again, so check back for updates as we go.  The whole trip started out pretty fun - got upgraded to first class again on my flight here, and was very grateful for family picking me up from the airport and getting me up here to Ripon.  I also had an opportunity to spend time with family last night before all the festivities started, so I was very grateful for that.  I don't get back here as much as I usually think I'm going to, so I was very appreciative of the time.

Was a whirlwind day - the first one always is.  When all of the guys are showing up, it's a lot of pressure to get everyone registered and to their proper 'home' (ala city) for the week.  I managed to get all of my setup work done ahead of time so today was very smooth.  Registration took its normal 2.5 hours to complete, and after it was all said and done I have the largest band I've ever had - 104!  Rehearsal tonight went ok - always rough to start, but after 50 minutes we were rocking and into the first assembly. I'll be curious to see how much attrition I have tomorrow - I usually lose a few guys in between but the numbers stay pretty high. 

Charles Wiley was our guest speaker tonight - he always does a good job.  The guys like his no 'b-s' style.  Tomorrow night we've got Jim Santelle, US Attorney for Eastern WI.  Should be great!

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