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Friday, June 15, 2012

BBS Day 7 - Tribute to Veterans

Day 7 of BBS has been nice and sunny, although the heat decided to return in a big way - almost 95 outside right now and will definitely be warm for our assembly tonight.  The morning assembly and job fair went well, and the band really did a great job in making it through - even when the conductors baton decided to take flight during one of the last numbers.  Whoops.  Thankfully everyone kept going and all was well.

After a quick dinner with Chuck down at Miller's, it was time to change and head out.  Hard to believe that our week here is winding down and tomorrow is the last day - one more assembly to go and we'll be adjourning for this year.  I'm grateful again for the opportunity to be here and work with the boys on government and leadership, and they've really embraced the opportunities that have been offered to them.

Tonight we honored our veterans - always a solemn and thankful time. 

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