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Sunday, June 10, 2012

BBS - Day 2

Gotta love Wisconsin weather - it's after 10pm and still 86 degrees.  My allergies are not having a good experience with it so far tonight.  Oh well...

A very successful Day 2 at BBS is now winding down.  The band did another excellent job tonight, and we even managed to put together the color guard portion in rapid speed.  I'm continually amazed at the gifts and talents the guys have at playing their instruments - such an impressive experience to be a part of.  Swing March was the hit of the evening - seemed as though the assembly really enjoyed it.

Tonight's featured speaker was Jim Santelle, the US Attorney for Eastern WI.  He's a former badger boy and has also been a city and county counselor in the past.  Was great to hear him - we ran into each other prior to my afternoon rehearsal and it was nice to chat for a little bit.  His experience working with the Justice Department in Iraq is fascinating, and speaks volumes about his knowledge and character.  To be able to advise and lead a new judicial system in a foreign country is an amazing accomplishment.

More fun in store for tomorrow...

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