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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

an interesting Day #3

Yeah...see what you think:

1. At 2:30am yesterday morning, a drunk intruder was found in one of the Counties (ala Dorm buildings) and apprehended by both the County and City Counselors. Nevermind that the County counselor in that building happens to be a Dane County Sheriff...oh, and the guy admitted he was there to burgle.

2. During the day yesterday it was determined that a citizen was missing from one of the counties - a very rare occurrence actually. The boy was later found - a relative had picked him up due a family emergency, and didn't bother to tell anyone. Talk about a frantic main office...

3. Atty General J.B. Van Hollen spoke last night to the guys. Was able to say hi and goodnight to him before he left last night. : )

So much fun!

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